Medication Pregnancy Termination with Abortion Pill kit

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‘Should I go for abortion?’ this is the most common question in mind while thinking of abortion. This question makes a woman worry every second. It is a very difficult decision for a woman who induces abortion.  But, medical abortion is the procedure in which the expulsion of the pregnancy is done through medications like abortion pill kit on the basis of choice. It is hard to declare whether this step is right or not because sometime situations are such that she has to take this step. If it is linked with the health of the women and the fetus then of course the pregnancy termination is the right choice. Following the procedure it is equally important to take proper diet.

Once you have made the choice of inducing abortion, you can buy abortion pill kit online to help you in your tough times. This kit aids in the execution of unwanted pregnancy.  The pill kit consists of two medications: Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These tablets give the non hormonal effect that performs the finishing of the pregnancy by the breakage in the lining of endometrium in the uterus. It leads to small and safe non surgical abortion.

Dose of abortion pill Kit:

Abortion pill kit bought from any pharmacy compromises of total 5 pills. It is advised for the finishing of the pregnancy that are of duration of less than 10 weeks or 70 days. Pregnant woman needs to administer one pill of Mifepristone (200 mg) orally. Then 4 pills of Misoprostol (200 mcg each) are to be taken after 2-3 days of first pill. After the duration of the 4 hours pregnancy will abort with a loss of vaginal discharge. Confirm the termination of the pregnancy with the medical test or ultrasound scan.

Reasons for Abortion:

The reasons that make a female to take such steps are:

  • If it is unplanned pregnancy
  • Due to the collapse of contraception
  • Any health hazardous to mother
  • Any health hazardous to fetus
  • Due to rape

What to do before taking abortion pill kit?

Before taking abortion pills, there are a few things that you must do:

  • First and foremost step, confirm the early pregnancy
  • Take away the intra-uterine device before the use of pill kit
  • Stop eating drinks and foods before 6 hours of taking the abortion pills.

What precautions should be taken after abortion?

Avoid Pressure: After the procedure of pregnancy terminations try to avoid the application of the pressure on the lower part of the abdomen because it may cause pain there. As well avoid the bending and the lifting of the heavy objects as it can cause harm.

Avoid Diary Products: Avoid the use of dairy products in solid or in liquid form.

Avoid having intercourse: Do not have intercourse for some days after the pregnancy termination procedure.  Since just after the procedure of abortion chances of getting pregnant is high. Even it can also result in pain in the lower part of the abdomen while having intercourse.

Avoid Exercise: To avoid pain and any complications, stay away from the exercise, particularly lifting of weighs and muscles stretching are very dangerous. Take complete rest that will help you a lot.

Avoid Dieting: Take proper diet rich in minerals, vitamin, rich in iron, etc. Do not keep the stomach empty for longer time. Healthy diet will assist you to get back your menstrual cycle on time and in a healthy manner. It will help you to heal the wound in fast manner.

Use a Protection: Use birth control for the avoidance of the pregnancy.

Women can order abortion pills for the effective abortion of unwanted pregnancy. Have a healthy diet after the procedure to gain your health at once.

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