Pregnancy Woes: What is it a Good Time to Conceive?

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The best time to have intercourse is when fertility is at peak, which can be up to six days in every month. Five days leading up to ovulation is when a female’s body releases mature eggs. The egg survives for at least a day after production, and sperm can survive for 7 days or less, thus this six-day time is when the sperm mates the egg, and the person conceives, if she has sex one or two days prior to ovulating. It’s tricky however to know exactly when ovulation will occur.

Importance of Keeping Track of Menstruation

If the individual is not aware about when she may ovulate then she can indulge in intercourse every two or three days, and fortunately she will land up getting pregnant. Some couples miss time their intimate activity, and fertility can catch them unaware, and cause an accidental or unwanted pregnancy, which is either pursued, given for adoption after birth, or terminated.

If the female is still early in her gestation cycle, she can use drugs to end the pregnancy. The medicines work up to 70 days in conception. She may get abortion pills online as soon as she decides to induce a miscarriage, but one can avoid such a situation by using birth control on time. In case a regular contraception is not taken, the woman can very well use an emergency contraception to restrict pregnancy.

Planning for Conception Wisely

The fertile window can differ by a week between each menstrual cycle. This is when one must have intercourse, and it may work out for a pregnancy. Intercourse every two or three days enhances the quality of sperm and eggs as well, so couples may consider this detail to pursue pregnancy. However, if the couple just has sex without protection in a time when fertility is high, a pregnancy can happen, which may be either undesired or shocking. It is important for both the partners to think about what to do next.

If possible, one must try and take the decision which will give them the best answer for their life and that of the pregnant being. Many buy abortion pill if they are not ready for the pregnancy, and end the same at home. Others are happy enough and can continue being a parent. But the focus must be to take all precautions to never come across an event that can put the women in trouble or dilemma of what to do with the pregnancy.

Knowing More about Ovulation and Pregnancy

So, what is the best moment to conceive? It is when one is ready to get pregnant. However knowing the body to regulate periods, and pregnancy is very important to avoid any unwanted pregnancy or delay in conceiving. Ovulation depends on how regular menses are or the length of menstrual cycle- which can be either last for 22 days or up to 36 days.

Generally, a woman gets her menses between 12 and 14 days following the ovulation. If the person has a 28 day menstrual cycle, she can ovulate in between the cycle. A long cycle can mean the person may not ovulate for two weeks later than her menses has ended. About half of women have a period cycle of more than seven days, but it can be different for anyone.

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