Restrictive Laws Prevent Women from Getting a Safe Abortion

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Just few days ago, a woman was arrested for seeking illegal abortive service for her pregnant teenage daughter in a place where it is illegal to have an abortion that is not a result of rape, incest or has any potential life-threatening risk on the woman and the child.  After buying abortion pills online and inducing the miscarriage by medicines she was reported by the clinic staff that did her daughter’s after checkup.

Just in three days process, she gave her daughter Mifeprex and Misoprostol pregnancy cancellation pills as per instructions without any problematic side effects. Four days later she took her to have an ultrasound and it was clear that she was not pregnant anymore. As pregnancy cancellation pills have the same effect as miscarriage, initially no one aside the two knew that it was medicine induced. Concerned mother confided them about pills used just in case it didn’t cause any harm to her daughter.

This case brought forth the ugly side of getting abortion in regions that have major anti-abortion perception population. Even in this case, where the girl was not even eighteen years of age would be forced to carry the pregnancy to term, where she as a person is mentally and physically not ready for motherhood.

Why is anti-abortion law imposed and why it shouldn’t?

Be it because of personal, religious beliefs or misconceptions, there are many anti-abortion protestors who believe that pregnancy termination in all cases should be banned. That means girls raped or have been victims of incest will have bear pregnancies caused by their predators.

Due to religious beliefs some support the law as they perceive the practice to be an evil act of killing. The debate is whether conception happens at birth or at fertilization. The concept of a potential and actual human being, however, is what differentiates a fertilized egg and a child. Fertilized eggs to be used for in-vitro are often not implanted and thrown away, then should that be made illegal too?

As it is her body, it is she who has the responsibility and authority if she decides to order abortion pill online or prepare for motherhood.

Restrictive laws are a threat to women’s health

In the US, it is legal to buy prescribed pregnancy cancellation pills under any circumstances. Although this is a progressive law, there are still unnecessary regulations that deny easy access to abortion pills. For women who can’t take repetitive trips to far away clinics or cannot afford them, this presents a serious hurdle.

Today a woman who already has an MTP Kit ( Mifepristone and Misoprostol) with her is asked to attend a state provided counseling session which is anti-abortion oriented; after that she has to wait for a mandatory 24 hour period before starting the process. Such restrictions only serve as a reason why women seek out other options; as the long waiting process may eliminate her chances of having medical abortion which is only allowed within 10 weeks.

With some trusted online pharmacies, women all over the world are helped in getting private and safe abortions who can’t receive secure abortive services.

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