Stages of pregnancy development by weeks

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Typically, a pregnancy lasts up to 40 weeks. You must take regularly check-ups with your gynecologist and stay alert and prepared for pregnancy care instructions and precautions. This blog helps you understand your baby’s growth with each trimester.

It is important to know if it’s an unplanned pregnancy. Because in such a case, you must make sure you make your medical abortion decision at the earliest and buy abortion pills from an online pharmacy store to end the pregnancy safely. Medical abortion can only happen in the first trimester and not after that.

The stages of pregnancy are divided into trimesters, which include:

1st Trimester: Conception start till 12 weeks
2nd Trimester: 13 to 27 weeks
3rd Trimester: 28 until birth

First trimester:

Women generally do not discover their pregnancy in the very first week. A missed period is the first sign of pregnancy. That’s when women suspect something to be odd and hence perform a home pregnancy test to confirm their pregnancy.

What does the woman experience in the first trimester?

2 weeks pregnant

This is the week which can change the life of a woman. In this stage, the egg meets sperm and conceive a pregnancy.

3 weeks pregnant

In this stage, the pregnancy is called a blastocyst. Hundreds of cells from a blastocyst which gets multiplied quickly.

4 weeks pregnant

This stage of pregnancy is called an embryo. It is essentially made of two layers. The primitive placenta develops in this stage.

5 weeks pregnant

The development of the embryo grows rapidly in this stage. The woman experiences sore breasts and tiredness like symptoms of pregnancy in this stage.

6 weeks pregnant

This stage of pregnancy develops the nose, mouth, and ears of the embryo. Morning feverish feeling or spots are the two common two symptoms encountered during this stage.

7 weeks pregnant

The progesterone hormone is making changes in the body. The embryo is bestowed with a small tail. This is to form the hands and feet of the fetus. You may experience uncomfort in the uterus as it gets double than the original size.

8 weeks pregnant

Your baby is constantly moving, though you can’t feel it. Meanwhile, you may be making decisions about prenatal tests.

13 weeks Pregnant:

This is the last week of your first trimester. The embryo grows 3 inches long and can move in the uterus lining.

Second trimester:

The second trimester makes you easier than the first one.

14 weeks pregnant:

Tiny features of your baby may make different expressions. Unlike the first trimester, you may feel active instead tired and weak.

18 weeks pregnant

The baby develops its genitals which can be seen through an ultrasound test. Women feel hungry more often as the appetite begin to increase from this stage.

24 weeks pregnant

By this stage, your baby has developed ears and it can feel the motion. While your uterus grows bigger enough to be a size of a soccer ball, you also start feeling swelling near your feet.

27 weeks pregnant

This is the last stage of the second trimester. Your baby is able to open or close its eyes. It can even suck the fingers and move more often in your abdomen.

Third Trimester:

32 weeks pregnant

The expansion of the uterus may lead to heartburn and difficulty in breathing. Your breath becomes shorter during this time.

36 weeks pregnant

The growth of the baby may get stable today but it gains weight rapidly. It soon will reach a point where the growth will be complete and you’ll a little pain here and there in your abdominal area.

41 weeks pregnant

Your baby is ready to welcome the world. As soon as you suspect water break, you can call your gynecologist at the earliest.

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