Things Should Be Avoided After having A Medical Abortion

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Avoided Things After Medical Abortion

Women may know what to be done after a pregnancy termination, however, they should also know what shouldn’t be done. The blog talks what all things you need to avoid a medical abortion to recover faster.

Taking care of your health after an abortion is as important as looking after yourself during the abortion procedure. There remain important constituents which are still neglected by women. When women buy abortion pills and undergo a medical abortion, the pregnancy termination is likely to take time for at least seven weeks or more to complete the process. Similarly, it also takes time to heal after an abortion. 

Following are the things which you should avoid after an abortion.

Exercising Too soon

Exercising is never a bad thing. Having said that, how and when you exercise surely creates an impact on your body. If you start drilling or do other activities with excessive physical movements, they create pressure on your body. You require good rest and peaceful time to recover from abortion. Exercising certainly does not help hence advised to avoid.

Using tampons

Insertion of tampons in the vagina can possibly lead to infections while undergoing an abortion. Besides, after abortion medication bleeding typically lasts longer than the normal menstruation. Using tampons for bleeding after medical abortion is not recommendable. Instead, use pads. Maxi pads are preferable. Monitor your bleeding after an abortion. The fetus particles must get removed from the body smoothly.


Women need at least two weeks to completely heal after their abortion. When you involve in sexual activity soon following pregnancy termination, tissues of the uterus and cervix are receptive to microorganisms or bacterial infections. Not just intercourse, the patient should be away from any kind of penetrative activities.

Drinking Alcohol

You bleed heavily after abortion and drinking alcohol during this period can affect your bleeding and discharge. Your cervix is distended due to abortion and hence your body needs time to heal and get back to its normal position. Drinking alcohol may interrupt the healing process. You can resume drinking alcohol 3-4 weeks after whole abortion process.

Lifting heavy things

Be it a child, weight, box or dogs, when you lift something heavy it puts pressure on your vagina as well. This eventually affects your bleeding and cramping. Lifting such heavy things is inviting additional drama to your abdomen pain. To recover faster from an abortion, health care providers suggest not to lift anything in the interest of patients.

Not using birth control pills

As said before, a woman shouldn’t have intercourse right after an abortion. Even when she wishes to involve in the lovemaking after two weeks of her abortion, she advised taking birth control measures. Buy Ovral G or any other equally effective birth control medication that prevents pregnancy. An unprotected sexual intercourse immediately following an abortion gives more chance to get pregnant again.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool does not only contain water but also chemicals, germs (sometimes pee), and other bacterias. Your vaginal area is more sensitive during this time and hence chances of getting infected easily.

The more you’ll neglect aforementioned things, the more complications will it involve. Taking care of your health and giving your body the needed time to heal help recover from abortion faster.

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