What you should do during painful intercourse?

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painful-intercoursePain during sexual intercourse is not an uncommon thing among women. In a recent research report, it was found that 3 out of 4 women are likely to face painful intercourse. Still, this has remained a subject unspoken for many years. This blog educated women about painful sexual intercourse and how to deal with it to mitigate the complications if any.

Where do you experience pain during sexual intercourse?

The vulva, in the surrounding area of the vagina or in the vagina can be the regions where women encounter pain during intercourse. Dryness of the vagina can also cause pain during intercourse. Lower abdominal pain, lower back pain is also common in such cases. Apart from the already mentioned reproductive regions, women face pain in pelvic region, the uterus or the bladder.

What you can do to avoid painful sexual intercourse:

Use a lubricant:

There are water-soluble lubricants available in the pharmacies which help women to deal with vaginal irritation. This is even more helpful for women have vaginal sensitivity. A lubricant made from silicone are more likely to last longer. Physicians typically warn women not to use petroleum jelly, baby oil or mineral oil with condoms. This can lead to the breaking of the condom used.

Make time for sexual intercourse:

Don’t get into sexual activities when you are tired and anxious. This can increase the possibilities of encountering pain during intercourse time. More than men, women can experience painful sex if perform when they are tired.

Do not perform intercourse while undergoing a medical abortion:

When you buy an abortion pill and perform a medical abortion, it is advised not to have intercourse while undergoing the procedure. Not only will it eventuate in painful sexual intercourse but also lead to several health complications. This is one of the important instructions which you should follow to safely end an unwanted pregnancy.

Speak to your partner:

It is important for you and your partner to speak up if you feel anything odd during the intercourse. Tell him when you experience pain and when you don’t. You can guide him to the activities that please you the most.

Take a break:

For many couples, taking a break during sexual intercourse is like losing your mood. In such a case, you can get involved in sexual activities which do not cause pain. Oral intercourse can be a good escape in such situations. You can resume penetration when you feel ready.

Take pain-relieving measures:

Before you get involved in the sexual intercourse activity, you can urinate, have a bath with warm water or take a pain reliever. This can help you prevent painful time during sexual intercourse.

You can additionally get rid of burning feeling during sexual intercourse by applying ice or frozen gel around your vulva.

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