How can you confirm a successful abortion?

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confirm a successful abortion

Pregnancy termination confirmation cannot be done solely on the basis of symptoms. To confirm the efficacy of abortion tablets, a woman has to perform a pregnancy test through any suitable method. The test is expected to be performed after 10-15 days once the abortion process is completed. The pregnancy contents take time to be expelled from a woman’s body and hence it is advised not to examine the results before the said period. Ensure that your gestation period is up to 8 weeks if you wish to end an unwanted and unintended pregnancy.

Understanding the abortion process. When does it get complete?

Abortion pills arrive in a combination of two medications (1) Mifepristone and (2) Misoprostol.

As per the instructions are given, you should take the first pill (200mg) the day it arrives. It stops the growth of the pregnancy by working against the Progesterone (which cause pregnancy growth) hormones in the body. They help detach the fetus from the uterine lining. A woman may not feel any major change in her body, however, this is one of the important stages in the process of abortion.

The second medicine i.e. Misoprostol (200 mcg) is required to be taken post 24 hours of first tablet consumption. The functioning of this tablet causes uterine contraction which then leads to emptying the uterus. 3-4 hours after administering the pills, the woman starts experiencing the side effects of abortion pills which include:

    • Heavy Bleeding
  • Cramping

Though termed as the side effects of abortion pills, heavy bleeding and cramping are expected after effects which indicate that the abortion process in getting complete. The pregnancy contents are being removed from the body at this stage of the abortion procedure.

Most women often experience blood clots as big as the size of lemons which is not abnormal to experience. These are indications that the fetus contents are being removed.

The other side effects of a medical abortion include diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, illness, headache and chest pain. These side effects, however, are temporary and not every woman faces them.

The heavy bleeding can last up to  4-10 days depending on the body type and gestation period of pregnancy. When the bleeding stops, the abortion procedure is likely to be complete, although it can be considered as the sole determinant of successful abortion completion.

A woman has to perform a pregnancy test following the completion of abortion procedure which can be done through following ways:

    • Home pregnancy test
  • Clinical test:
      • Urine test
      • Ultrasonography
    • Blood test

When you buy abortion pills online and follow the instructions properly and take care of your health before, during and after the procedure the efficacy rate is likely to be high confirming successful pregnancy termination. In case the results are negative which is rarely a case, kindly consult your physician immediately to get the necessary medical attention. You may have to redo the course if the gestation period allows, else a surgical abortion will have to be performed.

More than 95% women witness successful abortion results using non invasive pregnancy termination pills. If you buy abortion pill kit online, you’re likely to get online consultation on the same website which can be helpful to in the whole process promising faster recovery from the abortion.

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