Misconceptions about Preventing Pregnancy

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misconception-about-preventing-pregnancyA misconception is a general term. It is not limited to any field whatsoever but gets inclined to unexpected pregnancies and abortion even. When women buy abortion pill online, MTP kit price is not the only thing to search for.

Questions are always on the lift, specifically as- “where can I buy abortion pills?” and “how to use them?

As such, abortion pills are available on a wide space of online platform and using them has a similar process of adaptation. Online and offline pharmacists even offer a complete step by step process to further diminish the misconceptions that are surrounding.

There is altogether a series of general misconceptions about getting pregnant. Some common misconceptions about preventing pregnancy are listed below.

The menstrual period is a safe period for not getting pregnant!

This is a general myth surrounding the pregnancy. Although some researches do point out of having a safe period within the stipulated time, it is mostly not achievable. The timing of menstruation does matter overall.

On a general note, pregnancy is when a sperm fertilizes an egg and further injects the same to the uterus. Ovulation process accounts to a release of an egg from the ovary in a span of two weeks after the first day of the period or menstrual cycle. In contrast, the number can vary on a side note.

Some people do ovulate on much early, at times even 10 days after menstruation has started. While most other people can ovulate on the 18th day, where both the instances are quite normal and fair.

Sperms are capable of staying up to 5 days in the uterus and even can fertilize the egg is available, in these days.
Women who have had 8-day menstruation can ovulate on the day 12th. On this 12th day that is the last day of the period, a sperm can theoretically be lying around for fertilization to happen, as when the woman gets ovulation after 4 days. This does put a chance of getting pregnant even when the planning is perfect. Therefore, to prevent a pregnancy, contraceptive methods are best to prevent sex and not counting days of menstruation.

The ejaculation misconception

Many people have a general misconception as to if the ejaculation happens completely, only then there is a chance of pregnancy. Contrary to this, pre-ejaculation can also cause pregnancy in individuals. The fluid of pre-ejaculation isn’t something that is made up of sperm but it can take out the sperms which are rounding inside the male system of reproduction. Consequently, it has low risks for a pregnancy to happen but is quite possible on a general note.

Moreover, controlling an ejaculation when not using measures of contraception is difficult at times. This is totally under the agenda of the male partner, which is quite risky on a general note. Therefore, not using contraceptive and completely relying on ejaculation cannot be termed as a good option.

Contraception is fully reliable!

This is not a misconception, but more of an accident. Contraception is fairly reliable unless there’s a chance of an accident. It solely depends on the type of contraception one tends to use. At times certain contraception has comparatively lesser risk than others. Condoms are such type of contraception which purely has both the sides.

Misusing contraception is also a major reason for the failure. At times, they are accidentally misused which can largely put a lot of risks. Examples include an incorrect application of condoms, which can mostly make a sexual intercourse riskier one. Additionally, many medications and further antibiotics even interact with many birth control methods. Knowing what to use and when is an efficient way of putting the best options to use and stay safe.

Ovral birth control pill, Ovral G are some of the best contraception methods that one can rely upon.

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