The period after abortion: What to expect and when do period start

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period-after-abortion-what-to-expectA slight delay in the menstruation and it puts us in a panic situation. If it is after a delicate medical abortion procedure, tension can rise unnecessarily. Because of medical termination of pregnancy does not disturb your regular menstrual cycle. There are many women healthcare websites which can help you understand the procedure in detail.

When you take abortion pills, none of the components are going to have a long term impact on your body. This also means that the medication will not affect your menstruation. This blog explains when you can expect your first period after medical abortion.

Myths about menstruation & Medical abortion:

When you undergo the medical abortion procedure, part of the process involves belly cramps and vaginal bleeding. A lot of women misunderstand the bleeding during the process with their first menstruation after abortion.

However, when you bleed during the medical pregnancy termination procedure, it is your body removing the pregnancy tissues from the body. The first pill stops the growth of the pregnancy and the second medicine ejects fetal tissues through the vaginal bleeding.

Both cases may appear to be similar, however, your menstruation is not heavy as you bleed in during the medical abortion procedure.

When do you expect the first period:

Typically a pregnancy termination procedure takes around 2-6 days to complete. Most women take time to completely heal from the abortion procedure and hence they get their first menstrual period within the next 2 months.

The time taken by each woman to get her first menstrual period can be different. However, it should not take more than 2-3 months to get your menstrual period back. Before you menstruate, you may come across slight bleeding in between which is normal to observe.

Medical abortion procedure does not directly or indirectly affect your fertility and hence you are likely to observe regular menstrual periods even after the abortion procedure. The pattern typically remains the same as you would experience before ending the pregnancy.

If you wish to have sexual intercourse after abortion, you must use birth control pills or other measures to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

If you get into unprotected sexual intercourse again, you may have to face another unwanted pregnancy. Two abortions in consecutive months can lead to health concerns. To avoid any such situation, you should ensure that you have protected sexual intercourse after medical pregnancy termination.

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